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Developing Remote Sensing Tools for Invasive Plant Monitoring: Italy-Israel Conference

Developing state-of-the-art remote sensing tools for ecological monitoring of invasive plant species in coastal sand dunes is the main focus of a bi-lateral Italy-Israel Meeting taking place on March 27, 2023. The conference will be held at Porter School Room 105/Yad Avner Building Room 115 at Tel Aviv University.

The conference will feature a range of experts, including Prof. Alicia T. R. Acosta and Prof. Maria Laura Carranza from Italy, and Dr. Sharad Gupta, Shay Adar, and Daniela Heller Pearlstein from Tel Aviv University. These speakers will present their research on the invasive species in coastal ecosystems and available remote sensing technologies. The conference will also include a general discussion on common patterns and tools for detecting and mapping invasive plant species.

Prof. Marcelo Sternberg, who is associated with the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security at Tel Aviv University, will be playing a key role in the conference. In addition to giving the opening greetings, he will be presenting his research on becoming a successful invader in coastal ecosystems using Heterotheca subaxillaris as a study case. The conference will also have a closed team meeting to discuss common approaches for shared challenges around invasive plant species phenomenon, future thoughts and collaboration, mutual publications, and final reports.

Bi Lateral Italy Israel Meeting
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