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Italian-Israeli Joint Research Program: Submit Proposals by March 30, 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) of Italy and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (MOST) of the State of Israel have joined forces to promote scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from both countries. They are inviting researchers and scientists to submit joint proposals for research projects in the following areas:

1) Innovative high-efficiency energy-producing systems

2) Precision and Personalized Medicine.

The main objective of this program is to strengthen the scientific partnership between research groups from Italy and Israel, by establishing bilateral research networks and promoting the exchange of knowledge between Italian and Israeli scientists. The joint research projects should focus on fundamental science and/or technology transfer of research outputs. Qualifying applicants may receive research grants from MAECI and MOST, respectively, according to their respective national funding procedures, regulations, and requirements.

The Parties plan to support up to 8 joint projects for a period of three years (36 months) with a maximum funding of 800,000 Euros (equivalent to 3,040,000 ILS), with the possibility of increasing to 1,200,000 Euros for each country. The maximum funding for every single project will be up to 100,000 Euros for each country for a 3-year period. Funding for the approved projects is subject to the availability of funds and the approval of the State budget in each country. MAECI and MOST reserve the right to cancel this call or not to fund the second or third year of research for scientific, professional, administrative, budgetary, or policy reasons.

For additional information read the full text of the proposal.

Download PDF • 1.23MB

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