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  • Federico Jarach

Why did you leave Italy? A survey for young expats

Are you a young Italian who left the beautiful country for a better future? Was it a successful choice? Is it irreversible? What could make you come back?

The Nord Est Foundation wants to hear from you and understand the reasons behind your decision. They are conducting a survey among young Italian expats from any region of Italy. You can find the link to the questionnaire below. It is aimed at people aged 18-34 (both included) and it covers your original motivations, your educational background and your work experiences abroad. It also asks you about your level of satisfaction with your current situation and your expectations for the future. This is a unique and innovative research project that has no precedents in Italy and few examples worldwide. The ultimate goal is to help design policies for young people in an Italy that is demographically aging. Public policies and business policies.

Don't miss this opportunity to share your voice and contribute to a better understanding of the Italian youth diaspora. Fill out the survey now and spread the word among your fellow expats!

The survey is in Italian.

More info here.

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