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CNR-ISF support for travelling to Italy

In their ongoing effort to enhance scientific collaboration between Israel and Italy, the CNR and ISF have recently announce the launch of a new program. This initiative aims to provide support for scientists who have received an ISF Personal Research Grant (PRG) and

those affiliated with the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle

Ricerche, CNR) to initiate a collaborative research meeting.

The CNR, Italy's largest research council, boasts diverse Research Institutes dedicated

to activities spanning life sciences, exact sciences and technology, social sciences, and

humanities. The list of participating CNR research institutes is provided as an

additional document accompanying this email.

This program facilitates short visits (maximum two weeks) for Israeli scientists to a

chosen CNR Institute, to foster the potential for future collaborations. Eligibility

extends to all Israeli Principal Investigators (PIs) supported by a PRG. Funding for flights

to and from Italy (economy class) will be provided by the ISF, while the CNR will cover

local costs. Support is limited to one such trip during 2024, exclusively for visiting a

CNR institute, excluding additional visits to other Italian universities or institutions.

More info: attached guidlines and (in Hebrew)

CNR-ISF Cooperation - Letter to ISF PRG Grantees
Download PDF • 391KB

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