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Building Bridges: AISSI’s Enriching Meeting at the Italian Residence

A special thanks to Ambassador Sergio Barbanti for fostering collaborations

Ciao a tutti!

The Association of Italian Scholars and Scientists in Israel (AISSI) is delighted to recount the inspiring evening we had at the Italian Residence. On this occasion, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ambassador Sergio Barbanti for his warm hospitality and unwavering support in the pursuit of our goals.

The elegant setting of the Italian Residence provided the perfect backdrop for a night of intellectually stimulating discussions, cultural exchange, and the establishment of new ties with our counterparts in Italy. This event was marked by the presence of distinguished Italian and Israeli scholars, scientists, representatives of academic institutions, research centers, and businesses.

Ambassador Sergio Barbanti graciously hosted the evening and delivered an insightful speech, stressing the importance of international collaboration in science and academia. He emphasized how academic and scientific collaborations are critical bridges that connect nations, and bring about innovations that have the power to change the world. His commitment to building and reinforcing connections between Israel and Italy was met with unanimous enthusiasm and appreciation.

This gathering was a testament to AISSI’s mission - fostering ties between Italian and Israeli academic institutions, research centers, and businesses. It was an opportunity for AISSI members to present their current research and projects, and explore potential collaborations with Italian institutions.

A highlight of the evening was the announcement of new joint initiatives between Italian and Israeli institutions, paving the way for collaborations in areas such as technology, life sciences, and the humanities.

In closing, we, at AISSI, would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ambassador Sergio Barbanti for his hospitality and collaboration. The unwavering support and dedication he has shown in fostering relations between Italian and Israeli academic and scientific communities is commendable.

Ringraziamo di cuore l’Ambasciatore Sergio Barbanti per la sua ospitalità e collaborazione con AISSI, finalizzata a creare e rafforzare ulteriormente nuovi legami con istituzioni accademiche, centri di ricerca ed imprese italiane.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events and collaborations, as we continue to build bridges between Italy and Israel.

Grazie mille!

The AISSI Team

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